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Due to the complex nature of Australian migration laws, visa applications are unfortunately often refused or existing visas are cancelled. Australian Migration Options have many years of experience and enviable success rate with appeals for review before the Migration, Refugee and Administrative Review Tribunals.

Our migration agents can assist clients who wish to appeal refused application decisions or visa cancellation decisions. We have had an excellent success rate because we only assist those applicants whom we believe have good opportunity to succeed with the review.

We have handled many cases that have not been dealt correctly from the beginning – for example where the client had attempted the process without assistance of an agent, insufficient information had been provided etc. Other cases have involved situations where the DIBP officer has made a mistake in application of the rules and policy and appeal has resulted in the decision being overturned.

Unfortunately the appeal process can be slow and frustrating. We will assist you with the application, advise on what further documentation is required, a detailed submission outlining our arguments for review, attendance and representation at hearing and any other follow up required until a decision is made by the review body.

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