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Family visa application fees have become more and more expensive and Immigration regulations have become much stricter. There have been many family visa applications refused simply because they have not provided sufficient evidence of relationships or have provided bogus documents etc. Our staff will ensure you have ALL documentation prior to lodgment to ensure the application is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

AMO migration agents have extensive experience in all family visa categories with an enviable success rate. AMO assist over 200 clients each year with family visa applications.

There are a wide variety of visas in the family visa categories.

Some family visas can be applied for by a visa applicant who is “onshore” (i.e. IN Australia) and all family visas can be applied for “Offshore” (i.e. while visa applicant is overseas).


  • Spouse, defacto and same sex relationships
  • Fiancé ( Prospective Marriage)


  • Parent *
  • Aged parent *
  • Contributory Parent


  • Dependent child
  • Orphan child
  • Adopted child

Other family

  • Remaining Relative *
  • Aged Dependant Relative *
  • Carer
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa

Sponsors who are holders of refugee or protection visas ( except for people who arrived by boat ) may also be able to sponsor partners and children under the split family, refugee visa categories. The relationship must have existed AND been declared to immigration at the time of the sponsor’s own refugee application.

In order to ensure you apply for the correct visa and submit all the correct documentation ring AMO for an appointment with one of our experienced Migration Agents or email your query to

Applicants must be aware that processing times for the categories marked with a * below can take over 40 years to process by Immigration.

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