The Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has now lifted the s46A bar to allow any IMA who holds a TPV to apply for a further TPV or SHEV visa

You MUST apply for another visa BEFORE your current visa expires

People who hold a TPV visa can apply for a further TPV visa (3 year)  OR a SHEV visa (5 year). If you hold a SHEV visa and have worked or studied full time in a regional area for 42 months (whilst holding the SHV visa) then there may be a possibility for applying for a different kind of visa BUT you will need to meet the criteria for that visa

AMO  can assist you with this application. 

We will check the information on your old forms was all correct (especially details of family members and dates of birth etc), check if any of your circumstances have changed, and help you complete and lodge your new forms.  You may not be interviewed by Immigration and at this stage we do not know how long the processing of these applications will take.

Please make an appointment if you would like our assistance –

Phone: 08 8182 3021


We can help with these application regardless of where you live in Australia.